I’m proud to announce that I’m selected of one of the few people to study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute! I’ll be a Fashion & Branding student by the end of summer! 

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Tsubasa X Naoki


From Dior’s new skincare line Hydra Life I’ll be reviewing their Skin Energizer.

I purchased this item when I was looking for a hydrating serum and stumbled on this one. What made me switch over from my old trusty Clarins Bi-Sérum was:

  • I got more product for the money
  • It’s a serum AND a moisturizer in one
  • Gives my face a glow and an awake feeling (energizer of course)
  • It smells gorgeous! I would describe the smell as royal jelly

It’s not that the Clarins serum wasn’t that much because it’s also top notch! But I wanted to try something new.
And I’m so happy with my choice! It lasts me so long and it really does what it says. (yay!) The formula contains taurine (normally used in energy drink) and plant sugar which benefits tired, stressed, and dehydrated skin.

left: new bottle, right: old bottle

I absolute recommend this for people with dry skin. The results are seen at the moment you apply it. It’s also a great product for people that have acne. Because acne isn’t only caused by oily skin but also because of lack of hydration. Moisturizer and hydrating serums are by the way two totally different things.
To be sure if this is a product for you go to your local Dior counter or ask for a sample.


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Ordered the large big bow ikon bag from www.tedbaker.com recently for my schoolbooks. I love the bag but I hated the service! I don’t recommend buying Ted Baker online, but I had no choice because my local shop who sells Ted Baker didn’t had the bow bag anymore :(

To add is all up
the I don’t likes:
Killer shipping costs (because it’s send in a fancy heavy box)
Lousy service

I likes:
Classy bag (nice for every occasion or outfit)
The box it came in looks really neat
It can fit a lot in it
Shipping was extremely fast(!) 

Conclusion Great bag for people who really want it, don’t care about shipping costs or live in the UK (cause its less and at least you can call Ted Bakers numbers works there). I do understand it’s for safety measures, but sending a mail will do too!

Funny slogan on the inside of the box (Ted Baker Always Delivers).. haha not unless you don’t call. 

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My first reaction on UGGs was (and I quote): “I’ll never wear those things, they are so ugly!”. And I said that for 3 years long every winter until my parents said I needed warm boots so they hooked me up with a pair of UGGs. Since then I’ve been addicted to them. With 5 pair and still counting, my feet stay warm all winter! 

UGGs uses the highest quality of sheepskin which coverts the whole inside of the shoe. The feeling is like walking house slippers all day, ain’t that nice? Every sheepskin goes through a series of checkpoints to ensure ‘the UGGs quality’. The littlest blemish and dens enough wool will mean exclusion.

UGGs sells house slippers to beach slippers and boots for a lazy/casual day to fashionable heels.
I’ve been wearing the classics for almost 5 years. Probably because I’ve always been super satisfied with the comfort of them that I didn’t wanted to switch to other models. The downside about the classics is that they make me appear smaller. And because I am already not that tall it’s better for me to wear a small heel. So I got the Lynnea in chocolate.

It’s definitely my new all time favorite because it’s elegant and warm! The heels elongate my legs but doesn’t takes away the comfort. That’s because it’s a platform type of heels, so you can easily walk a whole day on them.

Have you got interested? Check them out at www.uggsaustralia.com 


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Barrack Obama likes Bakso, Indonesia Food Recipes. Love this speech!

(Source: youtube.com)

Made onigiri the other day. Onigiri means grabbing in japanese due to the grabbing motion you make with your hands to shape the onigiri.
I confess that I cheated, I bought seasoning at my local toko. BUT I did give my own twist to it by using sushi rice (=sushi rice + sushi vinegar + sugar + salt)  instead of plain rice.

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